issa legall

A few years ago in 2014 I started my journey with the Prince George's County Young Democrats as volunteer. I met amazing people most of whom I call my friends today. I loved the organization so much that I decided to apply to become an official member. Over the years I spent time working on our events like our annual Kennedy-King dinner, canvassing for our local public servants, and attending meetings at the Central Committee. 
I am running for Treasurer because I know that the experiences I've had with this organization have prepared me. My vision is to simply strengthen the finances of our organization. How? By fully engaging all the relationships I have built and maintained since I started as a volunteer in 2014. My professional background in retail banking at Capital One will also assist in achieving our financial goals for 2016. 
"Each one reach one, each one teach one". Prince George's County Young Democrats introduced me to many future leaders who taught me a lot about our great county. I hope to have the chance to pass on what I have learned to our new members. This is why I am running for Treasurer.